About Us

Pangea Worldwide has built its business starting with bases in three countries and expending. Our headquarters is in the City of London, and we have offices in USA, Canada, Belgium and Saudi Arabia. This enables us to serve clients 24/7.

We manage services worldwide and have a presence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as the Americas and the Asia Pacific region.

We continue to expand into new territories in response to the rapidly growing demand for our services. By combining our legal experience with the global framework we have developed for delivering our services professionally, Pangea Worldwide is able to provide clients with a single point of contact for the complete range of our immigration services.

Pangea Worldwide is recognized internationally for its ability to deliver effective and innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. It is now our mission to become the world’s most responsive, accessible and progressive immigration service provider.

We are able to give clients tailored advice wherever in the world they do business.

What Pangea Worldwide offers is:

·   to bring global immigration solutions tailored to your business needs so you can stay in front of your competitors.

·   practical and clear solutions through our various offices

·   guide you through the complexities of immigration regulations worldwide.

Pangea Worldwide’s advice is of the highest standard, delivered through experts who are legally qualified and experienced in dealing with governments in countries throughout the world.

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