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Basic Costs Related to Migration to Belgium that you should be Prepared to Incur


Migrating to another country involves completion of several formalities. A wide range of costs is involved during the completion of migration formalities. The costs are inevitable since the processing of the migration documents requires some costs. Here are some of the costs that you are likely to incur when you are migrating to Belgium. 


Transportation Cost

The amount of transport cost you will incur depends on how far you are situated from Belgium. You will incur transport costs as you link to the airport from your home. The cost of the flight is the main cost you are likely to incur of all the transport costs. The cost flight differs based on the airline and the class of flight. You will also incur accommodation costs throughout the process of obtaining migration permits since it is not a one data process. You will have to spend much of your days in a hotel making follow-ups before you acquire a residency permit in Belgium. 


Obtaining Legal Formalities

Migration to another country comes with a wide array of legal formalities that you need to complete to obtain residency in that country. You are required to have a valid visa and work permit that come at a significant cost. For instance, you are required to pay 60 Euros if you are an adult and 30 Euros if you are a child. The cost of a visa varies depending on the type of visa that you are applying for based on your reasons for migration. There is a wide range of visas you can obtain when shifting to Belgium including the tourist visa, business visa, visitor, study visa and medical visa. You will also incur work permit costs if you are a non-European Union citizen to allow you to gain residency in Belgium. You will also have to gain all other necessary documents to ensure you are in Belgium legally. 


Lawyer’s fees

It is possible that you can fill all the necessary documents by yourself if you have the necessary knowledge. However, you may require the assistance of a lawyer to ensure that you have observed all the necessary legal requirements. Failure to observe the migration requirements as required by the law can land you in trouble or have your visa revoked completely. Therefore, it is imperative to obtain the assistance of a lawyer to give you peace of mind but that does not come at a small fee.

Final remark

It is important for you to be prepared about the probable costs that are you likely to incur when you are migrating to another country to ensure that you are adequately prepared. Some of the costs involved in things such as obtaining legal formalities, transport and accommodation are higher than other costs. In case you need guidance, contact us and we will help you accordingly.


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